Please see below the services offered, which we've broken into simple sections. If you have any questions, please talk to the NWSIS team by contacting SISTeam@northwestsis.nhs.uk

Since 2009, the NWSIS has provided many benefits by:

  • Establishing a common platform for using information and technology services so everyone can work together

  • Reducing the doubling-up of systems and technology

  • Achieving better value for money by using collaborative contracts and sharing single systems between organisations

  • Understanding and meeting the needs of everyone involved - from patients to healthcare providers

  • Providing high-quality consultancy and other services, working closely with our key partners

  • Keeping a business-like focus on providing a sustainable service

  • Working with customers and suppliers to find new and better ways of doing things wherever possible - improving both healthcare and business

  • Taking a lead on Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) to support the Trust's organisation and local health and social care economy

  • Using framework contracts for named organisations, enabling us to buy from them direct and cut down on expensive tendering.

The NWSIS team has plenty of examples to illustrate how working together can bring organisational benefits in terms of efficiencies, productivity and finances.