Disadvantages and Challenges

When you are weighing up whether to redesign your practice to include technology, you must always balance your decision by looking at the disadvantages and challenges:

  • Video does have its limitations; physical examinations and procedures cannot be carried out remotely.  However this can be resolved by involving a third person who is located with the patient (e.g. hospital-based Consultant on video consultation with the patient at his GP Practice).  This solution does, however, add resource and costs.

  • Staff need to be given plenty of time to familiarise themselves with equipment.  Many will feel challenged by using unfamiliar controls in front of a patient and would need to practice using the equipment without the patient being present.

  • A video consultation changes the relationship(s) between the clinical professional(s), the patient and sometimes the carer(s).  Interactions are different, often more positive for the patient but sometimes more challenging for the clinical professional.

  • The change process must be handled carefully and sensitively for all concerned.  Minimising this very important aspect could put your change in jeopardy.  Sensitively handled by the selection of 'change champions' from within service teams, will implement the change speedily and successfully.