Impact on Clinical Service and Staff

Although use of video is technically straightforward, the impact on service and staff can be significant and is often underestimated.

Why is this?

  • Many frontline staff, particularly nurses and allied health professionals are not confident technology users.  They need training and time to experiment.  In doing so, they will see the benefits for their patients, become collaborators and take ownership

  • There are often concerns that technology will threaten job security.  Introduction of technology is often associated with cost cutting and it is important to be clear and open about any risks

  • Using video changes the relationship with the patient in subtle ways, sometimes giving them more control and empowerment.  Clinically, this is positive but requires different skills for health professionals

  • Staff need to work differently with their colleagues whether within their service, in other services or possibly even in different organisations

Useful resources that explore these issues can be found below: