WelLPRES - Wellbeing Person Record Exchange Service

A whole system development in order to link the citizen’s health NHS record to applications and monitoring devices.

This will empower the citizen to own their record and provide real time data on deterioration in health to clinicians. It will also enable real time clinical intervention via tele monitoring to avoid secondary care admission. The outcome being a digital highway that will support both clinicians and patient’s access to the “Persons” clinical record and provide a service that approves the applications for use across clinical pathways (E.g. COPD, Diabetes, long term conditions).

To deliver this approach we need to address the following sections.

  • The interoperability challenge and the solution: the underpinning systen approach is a local person record exchange service or LPRES

  • Creating 'the front door': this layer of the service will provide a gateway for app's to connect to the regional approach for interoperability i.e. connect the 'persons' record

  • Health and social care systems: the regional approach to interoperability and its platform is agnostic to the systems holding the health and social care data but the organisations who support these systems must have the ability to 'publish' and 'consume' data.  At the lowest level, this would be basci image transfer and PDFs but possibilities are endless with a move to structured data using the new Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards

  • Application approval and accreditation: ORCHA is the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications.  At the core of ORCHA is their ability to carry out independent and impartial review of health related apps and to present this information clearly to the public, professional and app developer community.  ORCHA has created an interactive platform that enables people to easily find and compare potential apps to help find the best for their needs.

WelLPRES follows a well-travelled path initiated by Europeans project such as the epSOS (European patient smart open services) www.epsos.eu.

Due to relationships built over the last few years between the NWSIS www.northwestsis.nhs.uk and partners such as Tiani Austria and UK www.tiani-spirit.com, Parsek www.parsek.com,  Intelesant http://intelesant.com/ and Virgin Media Business, we are confident the underlying technology can deliver this holistic approach due to its live status in Lancashire. 

Lancashire will soon have a Proof of Concept (PoC) in place for WellPRES based on a COPD patient’s story but this is just the start of the 'story.  For this WelLPRES approach to be embraced across the Northwest of England then investment of time and financial resource will need to be made in the points listed above.