Stroke patients with communication difficulties are provided enhanced speech and language therapy using computer technology. Using this new system, patients can take more control over their therapy and the amount of practice time they have.

Their progress can also be monitored using computer software systems.This service is delivered in partnership by the Speech and Language Therapy Department at NHS North Lancashire with partnership with the local Stroke Association Communication Support Co-ordinator and volunteers, as well as staff from Blackpool Hospital Trust’s Stroke Ward.


Service evaluations have been carried out (see attached resources and additional information).


Key benefits to patients include enhanced access to therapy; choice of when, where and how to access therapy; reassurance that they are receiving up-to-date, and individually-focused therapy.

Benefits to the NHS include the adherence of NHS Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) to Healthier Horizon’s guidelines in ’raising their game’ in clinical management; the provision of first-class innovative, patient-centred treatment; SLTs as clinical leaders in innovating 21 century therapy (Transforming Community Services) and providing more access to therapy for patients via computers.

Using this technology will also speed up the process in accessing new patients as long-standing patients can be helped and monitored via computer technologies instead of a one-to-one setting.

Using computer technology to deliver speech and language therapy also offers the opportunity to adhere to and exceed nationally recognised guidelines for the duration and intensity of treatment.