The appropriate sharing of information for care and business purposes is increasingly essential to facilitate patient care and to the delivery of public services.  Ensuring everyone has confidence that this sharing is appropriate is essential.

The Lancashire and Cumbria Information Governance (IG) is a group of IG specialists who work individually and collaboratively to ensure that all necessary safeguards are in place to look after personal confidential information. This group is working with NWSIS to support the LPRES programme and ensure that personal information is always shared responsibly and lawfully between organisations.

The group have developed the Information Sharing Gateway - an electronic system that has been designed to streamline and significantly simplify the process for developing and approving information sharing flows between organisations. Developed by IG specialists, for IG specialists, it provides an administration suite to register organisations, their IG assurance status and a 'shop window' of information assets, risk assess and approve flows of information. Organisations can manage and report on information flows, for instance to support IG Toolkit and Audit requirements, and an archive of activity is maintained. Organisations can choose to publish the information flows to the general public, improving transparency and openness with the public about the way that their information is shared and used.

Although this system has been developed with LPRES, it is not specific to LPRES, and works equally well for information flows via other media. That said, it has the potential to link directly to electronic systems in future and ensure that IG processes are fit for the transition to electronic sharing of information, so that public services are safe, efficient and effective.

To view the sandpit environment, please follow this link http://www.informationsharingsandpit.org.uk/

For further information, please contact:

Helen Speed,
Information Governance Lead for LPRES
Email: helen.speed@northwestsis.nhs.uk