LPRES (Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service) is the acronym given to a programme of work being delivered by a small, dedicated team of staff.  The team was established in 2014 to deliver a joint approach to information sharing via a Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform from Tiani-Spirit - http://www.tiani-spirit.com

The Tiani HIE will enable relevant information to be available to authorised members of the clinical and social care teams in order to support timely patient care.  With patient consent, data from the GP record, acute and community providers will be made available across the health economy with access to the information controlled and auditable.

By collaborating and sharing information about patients and service users across care boundaries, we aim to provide care givers with access to the right information, at the point of care delivery, leading to:

  • Improved continuity of care

  • Safer services for our citizens

  • Reduction in unnecessary diagnostic tests

  • Less paperwork and more efficient services

  • Greater access to data for patients, their carers, providers and commissioners of services

Our aim is to help organisations signed up to the LPRES Programme to share information in a safe, secure and timely way.  Additionally:

  • LPRES does not involve building another database but leaves the data secure with the information owner

  • The information owner has complete control over what is published and who is allowed to view/receive information

  • Data sets can be built up for research , benchmarking and clinical/drug effectiveness in areas such as Diabetes, Cardiac and Cancer

  • LPRES is a built in, full consent model which has been implemented across Europe, the USA and Canada and is proven technology