The NWSIS has worked with organisations in Lancashire for a long time and so they understand the best ways to help you achieve your goals, with a single integrated Unified Communications platform.

IP Telephony - with a flexible and robust WAN connectivity n place, practices can also use Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT).  As these services come directly through the WAN, you benefit from free internal calls within the Lancashire WAN and much lower external call charges thanks to access to competitive tariffs.  Telephony solutions are provided over a single network connection to improve communications for employees and reduce costs for organisations.  In addition, the single network solution allows video and internet.

SIP Trunking  uses a secure connection to carry traffic over the network and onto the Public Switched Telephony Network so calls can be made and received from the outside world, just like a traditional phone line.  As it is delivered via a geographically resilient platform made up of two load balanced soft switches, if one of the switches fails, traffic is rerouted automatically through another switch to help eliminate service disruptions.